Circle 7 Farm

Location: Severy, Kansas
Website:, Emporia Farmers Market
Contact: Facebook

“Regenerative agriculture isn’t about earthworms or cover crops, it’s about regrowing communities. What we’re talking about is a paradigm shift. In order to regrow communities, we have to have more farmers.”

In the summer of 1969 the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio, considered one of the “most polluted waterways in America,” caught fire. Frightening images of a towering wall of flames, engulfing an oil-covered, industrial river, shocked Americans and flabbergasted an impressionable six-year-old Gail Fuller.

“I just couldn’t imagine it,” Fuller, now 58, says, “As a young kid living close…

JD Hudgins Ranch

Location: 214 E Railroad Street East Bernard, Texas
Contact: (979) 532–1352 or Facebook or Instagram

A 6th generation member of the Locke Division of ‘JD Hudgins Ranch’ just southwest of Houston, TX, John and Salina Locke have been providing quality registered Brahman Seedstock to cattleman all over the US and around the World since the early 1900's.

On the heels of a family succession event and during the historic drought of 2011, they found themselves challenged to do more with less and searching for a better way to make a living ranching. …

Sow a Heart Farm

Location: Fillmore, California
Instagram: @sowaheart, @chefmollie

“We came to this farm to build community. Physically, with our home here, but also to grow sustainable food for our restaurants and extended southern California friends, family, and food lovers. We came to practice regenerative agriculture and cultivate a new way of thinking of our food.”

The local food movement is rising in importance for not only health reasons, but for survival. COVID has transformed many industries but few greater than the food industry. …

Mother’s Finest Urban Farms

Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Farm products:
Instagram: @mothersfinesturbanfarm

“I am here to break the mold. Where things are right now in the world, we honestly have nothing to lose by teaching people how to feed themselves, save seeds, plant seeds, and above all, be empathetic to the earth.”

No matter where we land in life, we have an opportunity to weave or withdraw our thread from the tapestry of our community. A tapestry tells the story of the people who made it, and of the people it was made for. It reflects the culture and connection of…

Farm Green

Location: Williamsport, Indiana
Contact: Instagram or Facebook or Twitter

“If you are comfortable with what you are doing you aren’t doing the right thing.”

Meet Rick Clark, a fifth generation farmer in Warren County, Indiana. His family has lived on the farm since the 1880s. He recently became a grandpa and is hopeful about what the next generation will bring to the farm which now stretches 7,000 acres.

The story of Rick’s transition from chemical dependency to regenerative practices has propelled demand from other farmers to learn his strategies and garnered national attention.

In 2017, Clark was honored as Danone’s…

Continuum Ag

Location: Washington, Iowa
Contact: Instagram or Facebook or Email

“When I was a baby, my first word was ‘corn’.”

Let’s just consider this a leading indicator that Mitchell Hora was destined to be a farmer. It also doesn’t hurt when you have a farming legacy in your family stretching 150 years.

“But this year is different,” says Hora.

It is becoming clearer that the tests of resilience we are all undergoing in 2020, that Mitchell’s generation might be the most critical for the future of the farm. And not just his farm, but farms around the world.

Studio Hill Farm

Location: Shaftesbury, Vermont
Contact: (802) 379–9070

The story of Studio Hill Farm began in 1936.

When Cally's great grandparents saw the collapse of societal systems during The Great Depression, they decided to find land for food security for themselves and their family. They found a hilltop farm in Vermont.

It began as a small conventional dairy farm and was run that way until 1963.

In the '70s, Cally's aunt, Edie, transitioned the farm business into horse boarding and hay production-using the conventional methods that were popular in the area: tillage, monocropping, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.

Forty years…

Farmer + Horticulturalist + Floral Designer

Location: Brooklyn, New York
Contact: Instagram or Email

She is young.
She is black.
She is female.
She is a farmer.

This bricolage of a profile and the perspective from which it grows is not often seen or shared in typical farming culture. We felt compelled to connect with her and share the work she is doing not only for this generation and future generations, but for the generations that came before us all…the original land stewards.

Amber’s farming story starts long before she first set foot on soil.

Amber believes all of the land farmed today has a story too which is why it is imperative to not…

ROAM Ranch

Location: Fredericksburg, Texas
Epic Provisions:

First generation ranchers and land stewards of ROAM Ranch, a 450 acre, multi-species, regenerative ranch in central Texas.

It was three years ago when they bought the ranch, industrially managed for the past 100 years before their hands touched the soil. Everyone in the town thought they were crazy.

The land had been doused in chemicals for years and cared for with inputs and unnatural practices. There was less than .5% of biology on the property, grasses were only alive with the support of chemical inputs, and rock-hard, degraded soil blanketed the vastness of the open landscape.

Taylor and Katie had a different vision in mind. No chemical inputs, no…

Indigenous Regeneration

Location: Valley Center, CA 92082
Contact: (760) 807–6195

“When we live within the cycle of nature, health and wellness follow.”

Paul Cannon, Kumeyaay-Ipai from the San Pasqual Indian reservation made the decision it was time for change. Alongside his wife, Lacey Cannon, they returned home to his people and the San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians reservation. As a dynamic duo, Paul and Lacey launched Indigenous Regeneration in 2017 when they moved from the coast to the Reservation 6 years ago to build a house and raise their 2 sons. …

Farmer's Footprint

501c3 non-profit catalyzing a regenerative future 🌱

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