Lawrence, Kansas
This land was originally inhabited by the Kiikaapoi tribe

“I am not bigger or better than anybody else in my community, in my business and in my farm. We work together to do this.”

Jacqueline Smith didn’t grow up farming. And she’s a woman. By some accounts, she has the deck stacked against her when it comes to starting a new farming business in the Midwest.

Not looking like or having the multi-generational agricultural background of a typical Midwest farmer presents challenges. But, as Smith will proudly tell you, they haven’t held her back. …

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Catalán Farm

Location: Hollister, California
Contact: @catalanfamilyfarms

This land was originally inhabited by the Popeloutchom Tribe

“Here in the United States they call it organic agriculture, but for us Latinos, it is the only way we know how to farm, it is the agriculture of our culture.”

Mountains of maíz towered over the young Maria Catalán as she played on her grandfather’s farm. She ran through tomato patches and found solace in the soil underneath her feet. …

Bois D’Arc Farm

Location: Uniontown, Alabama
Contact: (334) 624–4660 or Facebook

Located in Uniontown, Alabama, Kyle Platt and his family have built and maintained soil health through the use of no-till, bio-intensive, human-intensive growing methods. Alongside their no-till practices, they use animals, compost, and cover cropping to impact and keep their soils constantly active. Their market garden has been growing food for local communities since January 2018, including: A 100 member CSA, restaurant sales, and local Farmer’s Markets.

Grant support would allow them to broaden their apprenticeship program to train new farmers before they went on to start their own farm…

DX Ranch

Location: Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation
Contact: Instagram or Facebook

“A very great vision is needed, and the man who has it must follow it as the eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky.”

— Crazy Horse, Lakota Tribe

It’s 6am. The morning breeze sways alongside the native grasses near the Cheyenne River on the Sioux Reservation. The sun awakens, stretching its rays far and wide, reminding the vast open grasslands to rise and shine. …

High Hope Farm

Location: 731 Milam Road Cedar Bluff, Mississippi
Contact: (662) 295–3986 or Facebook

Located in Northeast Mississippi on the edge of the state’s famed and fertile “Prairie Belt’, Deb and Johnny Wray created ‘High Hope Farm.’ They’ve created a healthy, vibrant, fertile and hospitable farm which has meant a commitment to using no herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, growth hormones, and other chemical pharmaceuticals (with very rare exceptions like saving an animal’s life).

They have grown over the past decade from selling just 3–4 grass-fed steers in our first year to now selling shares in around 25 annually, along…

Chappell Farms

Location: Cotton Plant, Arkansas
Website: Arkansas Soil Health Alliance
Contact: Twitter

Being on the brink of losing everything will never escape Adam Chappell.

Late one night in 2009, he sank into an empty seat at his kitchen table. About 86 miles northeast of Little Rock, 20 miles southeast of Augusta, sits a plot of land originally home to the Osage tribe, later colonized in 1820, now known as Cotton Plant, Arkansas.

The Chappell family has tended their 8,000 acre farm for four generations, but Adam was the first one to face the real possibility that his could be the last.

Most parents yearn for their children to come back home, but when…

Lou Family Farm

Location: San Diego, California
Instagram: @MongolTribe

What defines a farmer?
Is it land, sales or experience?

Meet Nathan Lou of the Lou Family Farm and Founder of the non-profit organization, Mongol Tribe. His experience expands the definition.

His acumen in land stewardship comes from working on a diverse set of soil canvases over the past 15 years ranging from a single pot on a sunny porch in urban San Diego (which started his farming journey) to managing ⅕ of an acre on his family's land along with a sprinkling of other urban spaces.

Nathan recalls filling a small…

1000 Tiny Farms Movement

Location: Encinitas, CA
Contact: @_gregreese, @1000tinyfarms

“As a first generation farmer, I want other people who didn’t grow up on a farm to know it is possible to find your place in agriculture.”

A mix of sweat, dirt, and vibrant citrus filled the air. A young Greg Reese walked side by side with his Grandma on a hot summer day in California. One of his hands sandwiched in hers, the other outstretched as far as his fingertips would allow, just within reach to pluck a ripe lemon from the branch. The skin of the lemon under his fingernails…

Circle 7 Farm

Location: Severy, Kansas
Website:, Emporia Farmers Market
Contact: Facebook

“Regenerative agriculture isn’t about earthworms or cover crops, it’s about regrowing communities. What we’re talking about is a paradigm shift. In order to regrow communities, we have to have more farmers.”

In the summer of 1969 the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio, considered one of the “most polluted waterways in America,” caught fire. Frightening images of a towering wall of flames, engulfing an oil-covered, industrial river, shocked Americans and flabbergasted an impressionable six-year-old Gail Fuller.

“I just couldn’t imagine it,” Fuller, now 58, says, “As a young kid living close…

JD Hudgins Ranch

Location: 214 E Railroad Street East Bernard, Texas
Contact: (979) 532–1352 or Facebook or Instagram

A 6th generation member of the Locke Division of ‘JD Hudgins Ranch’ just southwest of Houston, TX, John and Salina Locke have been providing quality registered Brahman Seedstock to cattleman all over the US and around the World since the early 1900's.

On the heels of a family succession event and during the historic drought of 2011, they found themselves challenged to do more with less and searching for a better way to make a living ranching. …

Farmer's Footprint

501c3 non-profit catalyzing a regenerative future 🌱

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