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JD Hudgins Ranch

Location: 214 E Railroad Street East Bernard, Texas
Contact: (979) 532–1352 or Facebook or Instagram

A 6th generation member of the Locke Division of ‘JD Hudgins Ranch’ just southwest of Houston, TX, John and Salina Locke have been providing quality registered Brahman Seedstock to cattleman all over the US and around the World since the early 1900's.

On the heels of a family succession event and during the historic drought of 2011, they found themselves challenged to do more with less and searching for a better way to make a living ranching. The adversity they faced at that time led them onto a path of regenerating their soil, the biology around them, their cow herd, business, and quality of life.

Recognizing that there are natural systems in this world, and beginning to understand how those natural systems work has inspired them to move their business and personal development forward in ways they could not have previously imagined.

Not having used a herbicide, pesticide, or fertilizer in 7 years, and through the use of Ultra High Density Selective Mob Grazing, they have seen their soil and biological functions begin to regenerate and restore themselves while increasing their carrying capacity by 75% and at the same time improving animal performance. They have found that operating on a few key principles and fostering synergies that help regenerate biological functions provides simplicity, and simplicity leads to a higher quality of life.

“The strength of family and their ability to manage succession, the passion for land, a beautiful piece of landscape…”

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